Monday, December 18, 2006

Taking the Mystery Out of Betta Breeding

If you are looking for an all in one betta fish breeding and care guide that will show you how to have stunning aquariums full of Betta fish that will successful breed, check out "Taking the Mystery Out of Betta Breeding" written by Tho Le. Tho Le has been passionate about Betta fish for over 10 years and has uncovered hundreds of tips, techniques and secrets about Betta fish care and breading that no one else seems to know. He just finished putting all these tips, techniques and secrets into a new guide that includes:

· How to condition your male and female bettas for successful breeding
· The necessary, yet easy steps to take to help guide your Betta's to Breed
· Key behaviors to look for in your adult Bettas before, during, and after breeding that will lead to successful breeding
· What and When to feed your Betta fry during the different stages of their growth
· Find out what you need to breed your Betta from tank sizes, ph levels, temperature, and feeding habits
· Learn secret tricks such as how a styrofoam cup can increase Breeding by 100 times

…and much more breeding info, tips and tricks!

"Taking the Mystery Out of Betta Breeding"